iBiz Solutions, one of very few Super Companies in Sweden 2012!

PAR, has in association with Veckans Affärer just announced the Super Companies of 2012, and this year, only 317 of ALL Swedish companies with a turnover of 10 million SEK (48000st) handled the fierce requirements of becoming a Super Company. Only 25 companies in the IT and Telecom business passed the eye of the needle, and iBiz Solutions is one of these!

Super Companies - PAR in cooperation with Veckans Affärer

Super Companies is a partnership between PAR and Veckans Affärer, where PAR analysts have developed the model for identifying the Swedish Super Companies. The selection and ranking of becoming a Super Company is based on the Swedish companies’ economic performance over the past four years. The model takes into account and consider the individual companies:

• Growth
• Earnings
• Return
• Efficiency
• Capital Structure
• Financing

I’m very happy and very proud that we received the award as Super Company 2012 says Allan Hallén, CEO at iBiz Solutions. I think it shows ourselves, our customers and the market in big that we are doing a lot correct now, have done so for a long time and we have had a clear focus. We have a clear and long-term goal towards becoming No. 1 in the Nordic countries in the integration area, and is already one of the very best. We have good cooperation with many large, well-known and exciting clients in the Nordic region, where it undoubtedly shows that we are well qualified and are at the forefront in the field. Of course there are many determining factors, and this must surely include our highly competent and skilled staff that contributes greatly to customers to create what many aspire to - to establish a manageable integration. Both we and our customers gets great value and effect of our concepts and tools that we over time have developed and refined - we make a difference, continues Allan.

I know from previous years that the VA’s assessment criteria are rock hard, and the eye of the needle is extremely small to meet the requirements, so it is especially exciting today. Our ambition is to be a Super Company for employees, customers and partners today and in the future.

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