iBiz Solutions rated as a Super company also in 2013

Bisnode (formerly PAR), in association with business magazine Veckans Affarer have selected the Super Companies for 2013 , and this year, only 366 of ALL Swedish incorporated companies with a turnover of 10 million SEK (50.000 companies in Sweden ), achieves the razor sharp requirements for becoming a Super Company.

Super Companies - Bisnode in association with Veckans Affarer

The selection of Super Companies is a cooperation between Bisnode and Veckans Affarer, where Bisnode’s analysts have developed a model to identify the Swedish Super Companies. The selection and ranking to become a Super company is based on the Swedish companies’ economic performance over the past four years. The model used takes into account and consider the individual companies:

  • Growth
  • Earnings
  • Return
  • Efficiency
  • Capital Structure
  • Financing


“I am very happy and very proud that we received the award as Super Company in 2013 as in 2012”, says Allan Hallen, CEO at iBiz Solutions.

This sends clear and positive signals to our customers, our partners and the market in general that we are doing much right now, and have done so for a long time. Of course also an internal receipt, and a crystal clear evidence that our clear focus, our charted path and way of working works and is successfully. iBiz Solutions has a clear and long-term goal towards becoming No. 1 in the Nordic countries in the field of integration, and we already are one of the very best .

We have good cooperation with many large, well-known and exciting clients in the Nordic countries, where it undoubtedly shows that we are well qualified and are at the forefront in the field. Last year, several new exciting customers connected, and existing customers gave us continued confidence. That we invested heavily in partnership with both Microsoft and Tibco is of course still important , and here we are already now one of only a handful of players who have received the highest partner status , which is the Gold level with these strong and well-known companies. We will strengthen and intensify cooperation further with Microsoft in 2014, with new and even more exciting associations and deals.

There are of course many vital success factors, our very competent, committed and talented staff that contributes greatly for customers to create what many aspire to - to establish maintainable integrations is one of them. Working in a company that has ambitions and challenging clear growth goals is, of experience, much more fun than “the options” … and it shows in the exciting applications we receive from the top of the line consultants with own ambitions. iBiz Solutions is today a clear strong option when it comes to attracting the right consultants and applications in the field of integration , and we are always looking for more colleagues to our various offices. Both we and our customers pulls great value and efficacy of our concepts and tools that we over time have developed and refined - we make a difference in our commitments and deliveries.

“I know from previous years that Veckans Affarer’s evaluation criteria are very tough, and that the eye of the needle to meet the requirements is extremely small, so it is especially exciting that iBiz Solutions is the only IT company in Karlstad that meet the requirements for Super Company 2013. That iBiz Solutions also is a Gasell 2013 is nice, but the requirements for Gasell are not even close to Super company.

Our ambition is to be a Super company even in the future, for the benefit and value for employees, customers and partners now and in the future”, concludes Allan Hallen, CEO at iBiz Solutions.


Please read more about Super company on; http://www.va.se/temasajter-event/foretagande/superforetagen/hela-listan-superforetagen-2013-564105

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