API Management Backend Service with id “abc” not found

When deploying api’s to API Management via GIT we can run into the error “could not find backend service with id abc”, this comes from the SOAP handling added recently in API Management.

If we take a look inside the GIT repositiory, there is a new folder added in GIT called “backend”.

If we look inside there are some folders named after the url’s.

Inside these files we find a configuration.json that looks like this:

In one of these files you will find the id that is matching the error message, make sure it is added in the commit. Done? If this API is created with this commit (aka first time deployed) the error will unfortunately persist, this is due to a minor bug. To solve this we can temporary remove the set-backend policy and in the SOAP case we find this in “policies/api/{apiname}.xml”

File looks like:

Temporary remove the set-backend service, create a commit and deploy the api, after add the backend service again and create a new commit and now the deployment will work and the backend will be set correctly.

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