Delete releases from Visual Studio Release Management

At iBiz Solutions we are heavy users of Visual Studio Release Management. Visual Studio Release Management in combination with Team Foundation Server for source control and TFS Build Services creates the Application Lifecycle Management control that we need in our projects. It enables us to have full control over exactly what gets built and what build packages that are released to what environment and so on.

[caption id=”attachment_988” align=”alignnone” width=”540”] Release Management in action in one of iBiz Solutions projects[/caption]

Visual Studio Release Management is as mentioned a critical tool for us, but it still has a few places where the tool could do with some improvements. A critical features is of course the ability to get an overview of which build that is released into what environment - the current version however is not very efficient when it comes to search and filter the list of releases.

Another missing feature is the ability to delete previous releases. At first this sounds like a bad idea and that one should save all releases as they might provide important informationation in the future. But there are however situations where one makes stupid mistakes and where releases just clutter the bigger picture and makes it harder to actually see the releases that are important. An efficent way of filtering, or a way of saying that this release is no longer relevant, might have solved the issue but as mentioned this does not exist in the current version of the tool.

Long story short. Here is the script that we run directly against the database to delete specific releases and all their related information in Visual Studio Release Magagement.

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