iBiz Solutions at career days in Uppsala and Gävle

In November iBiz solutions participated at two job fairs in the country.

One of them was UTNARM that is Uppsala technologist and science corporation career fair which is held in November each year. This year there were over 100 companies participating so it is one of the largest fairs in the country. During our days in Uppsala, we got the chance to meet the approximately 8,700 students at the Technical and Science faculty (TekNat) at Uppsala University. It was a very well organized recruitment day which we were very pleased to have participated at. We had interesting contact calls and got to know lots of interesting and nice students.

Caj Rollny, iBiz Solutions and our host at UTNARM in Uppsala.

“For us, the contact with universities and students is central to our future development as a company. We will always be dependent on being able to recruit the future stars and the best way to reach them is to participate in activities and collaborations with universities, not at least attend on job fairs.” Says Caj Rollny.

The second career day we attended was Futurum, which was organized by the University of Gävle and Gefleteknologerna. This was a little bit smaller job fair that had about 20 companies participating this year. Here we got the chance to show ourselves in our “home ground” and see if we could meet some interesting people that would fit in our Gävle office.

Caj Rollny, iBiz Solutions and our host at Futurum in Gävle.

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